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Leelavati Is Determined to Help Women like Her Become Financially Independent

28 May 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

A strong woman who has always been interested in the well-being of her community, Leelavati came to Buzz India’s training and found herself touched by the cause to help women. “I was not saving money, I used to spend my money without any control. My husband was giving Rs.5000 per

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Sumalatha Found the Courage to Start Her Own Beauty Parlour and Tailoring Business

17 May 2018 in Entrepreneurship,Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Sumalatha is a skilled tailor and had undergone a training course to become a beautician. Though she had all the required skills, she did not have the courage to start her own business. Moreover, she was the sole earning member of the family as her husband met with an accident.

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How 17 Women Took a Huge Leap in Their Lives and Helped Buzz Surge Ahead

15 May 2018 in Capacity Building,Events

By buzzadmin

When Better Future, Buzz India’s co-founding organization, proposed the idea of an exclusive women leadership programme titled ‘sisterhood programme’, we thought it will definitely be interesting. But we hadn’t expected it to turn out so out-of-the-world! On one hand, Better Future, based out of Netherlands, wanted to bring women who

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Mission Gold Chain

7 May 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Jayamma of Jatti Agrahara village, like most village women, consumed at least three to five betel leaves every single day. ‘Paan’, as it is called, costs them more than Rs 20 per day. When Goverdhan delivered the Buzz Training in Jayamma’s village, he nudged her to think about what were

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When Our Trainer Was Invited as the Chief Guest for a Women’s Day Event

23 Apr 2018 in Social

By buzzadmin

Tejaswini, our trainer, was taken aback by surprise when the women of Kammasandra village invited her as Chief Guest for their Women’s Day programme. In typical womanly humility, she tried telling them “No, I’m no great woman to deserve this honour.” But for the women, Tejaswini was their trainer who

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A 65-Year-Old Finds an Alternate Source of Income

19 Apr 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

65-year-old Siddagangamma works as a helper at the village Aanganwadi in Bailapura, Bangalore rural. After attending the Buzz training delivered by Bhavith, Siddagangamma went home was caught up in thoughts. She was absolutely driven by the thought that she should do something about her financial situation. After weighing various options,

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