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When Our Trainer Was Invited as the Chief Guest for a Women’s Day Event

23 Apr 2018 in Social

By buzzadmin

Tejaswini, our trainer, was taken aback by surprise when the women of Kammasandra village invited her as Chief Guest for their Women’s Day programme. In typical womanly humility, she tried telling them “No, I’m no great woman to deserve this honour.” But for the women, Tejaswini was their trainer who

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A 65-Year-Old Finds an Alternate Source of Income

19 Apr 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

65-year-old Siddagangamma works as a helper at the village Aanganwadi in Bailapura, Bangalore rural. After attending the Buzz training delivered by Bhavith, Siddagangamma went home was caught up in thoughts. She was absolutely driven by the thought that she should do something about her financial situation. After weighing various options,

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‘I Became Courageous’

23 Jan 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

When Manikanta closed his training at Amarahalli village and was collecting feedback from the women he trained, Lakshmamma shared a powerful answer. To his question on how her life changed after she attended our training, she said ‘I became courageous’. This answer has so many layers to it. Lakshmamma had

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20 Women of Harippanapalaya Have Got Together to Learn Tailoring

13 Dec 2017 in Social

By buzzadmin

In the village of Harippanapalaya, Shantamma’s courtyard has become a zone bustling with activity. Every day, twenty women gather here to learn tailoring and embroidery. After attending the Buzz India training, these women got bitten by the aspiration to create a better life for themselves. They wanted to learn something

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What Padma Did on the First Day of Her Job Has Made Us a Better Team

13 Oct 2017 in Buzz Story

By buzzadmin

Probably the coldest response to the announcement and mobilisation efforts for our training at any village till date came from Gollarahatty. That too, the problem landed at the hands of a newbie trainer. Padma had attended trainings before of senior trainers and delivered trial trainings. But this day she was

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The Ripple Effect of Women Empowering Women

25 Sep 2017 in Social

By buzzadmin

Bhagya, one of our Gelathi facilitators, has an interesting job – of identifying, grooming and empowering rural women leaders. It does sound ‘wow’, but when we gave her this job description, Bhagya’s face tried to conceal her apprehensions - “how exactly am I supposed to create leaders!” But this ambiguity

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