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Rupashree Gets a Grip Back on Her Life after Her Husband’s Death

15 Nov 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

After the second day of Buzz India’s training in Kammasandra village, Rupashree walked up to our trainer Murthy with tears in her eyes. She thanked him profusely for the knowledge that he shared. She then shared with him that she’s a widow, at just the age of 28, and has

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Rising from the Depression of a Daughter’s Death

12 Nov 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Natalena was angry, miserable, shocked and in the grip of a grief that she couldn’t shake off her soul. How could a mother come to terms with the fact that her daughter committed suicide? And Natalena sought to punish herself by rejecting life. But life has its own ways to

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Brinda Is an Example for Setting a Goal and Achieving It

29 Oct 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Brinda makes it all look very simple - setting a goal, going after it and achieving it. Here's her story:  “Namaste. My name is Brinda. I come from Vinayak Nagar, 3rd Cross, Tumkur. When I attended Buzz India’s training, I didn’t know anything about what is business, what is income or what

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When One Woman Shared Her Learning to Impact the Lives of 12 Other Women

15 Oct 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Bharathi and a friend did the job of cutting and trimming of clothes made at a factory near her village, Machohalli Colony. They would collect clothes from the factory, do the job at their homes and return it. One day Bharathi happened to hear about the Buzz training that was

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From Zero Income to Rs 7000 per Month – Aswathamma’s Entrepreneural Breakthrough

17 Sep 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Ashwathamma of Thottadaguddadahalli never earned any income till the age of 41. She never thought that she could be an earning member of her family. Time has its own ways of making things work and such was the case with Aswathamma. She happened to attend Buzz India’s training and unsettled

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When a Wife Decided to Start a Business for Her Disabled Husband

7 Aug 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

It was fifteen years ago that Rukmini’s husband Muniraj was diagnosed with a debilitating health condition. Unable to move around on his own or work or earn an income, Muniraj became homebound. Since then, the family has been surviving on the meager income that Rukmini earned working as a helper

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