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Sowbhagya Funded Her Own Skilling and Made Smart Business Decisions

12 Mar 2019 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Sowbhagya, a 35-year-old housewife from Sondekoppa village, had not even thought that she could also earn money. Even though she knew to tailor, she never thought of it as a skill that she could use to earn an income. But her thinking had to inevitably change after the Buzz training.

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Stepping out and Reclaiming Life after Seven Long Years

19 Feb 2019 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

Nine months pregnant, Arefa froze at the face of a tragedy. Her husband succumbed to an accident. Emotional trauma on one side, Arefa got gripped by the feeling that she was now at the mercy of her family. She became totally dependent on her sister and sister’s family – confining

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When Five of Our Trained-Women Got Together to Run a Business

12 Feb 2019 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

There’s something really endearing about the women we meet during our training. When they learn something new, they want to share. They want other women like them to come up in life. Aruna Kumari, who was a simple homemaker, is today employing four other women. For Aruna, a homemaker, the

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When Poverty Is Not Just about Money

22 Jan 2019 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

"It's a blessing for poor people like us to have you in our house", said Savita, our Gelathi in Urukere village, to our team who visited her house. Our team wondered what Savita meant when she referred to herself as poor - she lives in a well-furnished two-storey house. She

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“I have never saved so much money before”!

31 Dec 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

As a Buzz Gelathi, Ganga Bhairamma of Bhayadarahalli took up the role of being a friend and a guide to the other trainee-women of Buzz.  We want our Buzz Gelathis to first start bringing change in their own households so that they know that change is possible and then they

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Rajamma Questioned Herself and Scripted Her Prosperity

19 Dec 2018 in Impact Story

By buzzadmin

“The weight of my financial troubles was sinking me and I was clueless about how to take my life forward”, shared Rajamma of Devanahalli, Korategere Taluk. Rajamma was working as a tailoring teacher in a local firm. She earned only a meager salary which and almost all of this went

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