What Padma Did on the First Day of Her Job Has Made Us a Better Team

13 Oct 2017 in financial literacy,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

Probably the coldest response to the announcement and mobilisation efforts for our training at any village till date came from Gollarahatty. That too, the problem landed at the hands of a newbie trainer. Padma had attended trainings before of senior trainers and delivered trial trainings. But this day she was

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Meet Ganesh, Our Talented Trainer, Whose Sessions Are Simply a Treat

12 Jul 2017 in buzz india training,ganesh,trainer,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

“I want to do my bit in bringing as many women as possible outside the confines of the walls that restrict them from living a fulfilling life.”  - Ganesh C K, Trainer, Buzz India. When Ganesh stands in front of a training group, it is like you set off fireworks.

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We Do Not Know How to Measure This Impact!

3 Jul 2017 in buzz gelathi,inspirational stories from rural india,rural women,rural women leaders,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

Pankajakshi is one of our Buzz Gelathis, or community leaders, from Tumkur. She was among 20 other women attended the workshop that we organized for Buzz Gelathis. The workshop was intended to help them become problem solvers in their own lives and in their communities. Unexpectedly, the workshop became a

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Rajeshwari Is Perhaps the Fastest Entrepreneur We Have Seen Till Date

31 Mar 2017 in financial literacy,micro entrepreneurs,rural entrepreneurship

By buzzadmin

Rajeshwari had walked into Aswini’s training session in Gubbi village without much expectation. Rajeshwari had decided that she will go the nearby town to find herself a job as a data entry operator. She wasn’t happy about that decision considering that she will have to commute a long distance on

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Devamma, a Rural Tailor Woman, Uses Youtube to Learn New Tailoring Techniques

26 Mar 2017 in low income women,rural india,technology for women empowerment

By buzzadmin

It was five years ago that Devamma attended the Buzz India training. She is among those women who reinforced the belief in us that what we are doing can indeed transform lives. From a debt driven life, Devamma pulled herself up and started taking control of her finances. She started

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When Prof. Muhammad Yunus took out time to see our training bus

16 Feb 2017 in buzz india,buzz india training,prof. muhammad yunus

By buzzadmin

It was nothing less than a blessing that Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and founder of Grameen Bank, took out time to see the Buzz India Training Bus. He met our team on Feb 3, 2017, during his visit to Bangalore. [caption id="attachment_737" align="aligncenter" width="828"] Prof. Muhammad Yunus with the

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The Power of Growing Leaders within the Community

28 Dec 2016 in buzz gelathi,community leaders,community problem solvers,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

Why we chose to have Buzz Gelathis or Buzz friends in every village From the beginning, we were clear about one thing – we are not going to just impart trainings and disappear from the villages. What we want is not mindless addition to the number of women we train.

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