Devamma, a Rural Tailor Woman, Uses Youtube to Learn New Tailoring Techniques


Devamma, a Rural Tailor Woman, Uses Youtube to Learn New Tailoring Techniques

26 Mar 2017 in Buzz Story

By buzzadmin

It was five years ago that Devamma attended the Buzz India training. She is among those women who reinforced the belief in us that what we are doing can indeed transform lives. From a debt driven life, Devamma pulled herself up and started taking control of her finances. She started maintaining an account book, found ways to save money, started a SHG and helped many more women come out of debt. She makes us proud, very proud.


For this Women’s Day celebration at Gubbi, we invited Devamma to share her experience with the newly trained women. Her husband passed away a few months ago and she wasn’t venturing out of her house much. But when we called her, Devamma instantly said, “I want to come and speak, it could help more women.” Her hands were shivering as she took to the dais, but her voice did not falter. She spoke with conviction about how she made her life better and how every woman who sat in the audience could do that too. “I wrote down every single thing that I learnt in the training. As I applied the techniques of money management in my business, I started making profits. With sheer determination to come up in life, I was able to completely get out debt and start saving money.”

Devamma’s success is not showing any signs of complacency either. She wants to improve her life, one step to the next and to the next. These days, late into the night, she logs on to Youtube! Yes this woman, a tailor from a poor family background in Tumkur is using Youtube – to watch videos that explain how to do various embroidery stitches and new tailoring techniques. No, she does not know English. It was her niece who initiated her into using youtube, after which she intuitively found her way to find videos that help her improve her tailoring skills. Devamma’s will to get ahead in life is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

The newly trained women saw their future in Devamma’s words. Chandrakala, a woman of Gubbi village said, “Today we got to hear Devamma’s inspiring story. In the future, I want to improve my life in such a way that I go to other villages and inspire women.” And we knew that as we empower one woman at a time, its ripple effect is a rather unstoppable force.


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