We are an initiative of Better Future and Navya Disha and were established in 2012 in Bengaluru.


Our partners believed in us and have stayed with us over the years in our efforts to bring change to the lives of our women.

Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation works to promote economic progress in communities around the world and focuses on initiatives that expand financial inclusion. Citi collaborates with best-in-class partners to create measurable economic improvements that strengthen low-income families and communities. Through a “More than Philanthropy” approach, Citi’s business resources and human capital enhance our philanthropic investments and impact.

Better Future

Better Future Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise that wants to create a better future in which leaders and organizations operate in a way that benefits the world. They do that by inspiring and connecting leaders and improving organizations. Their products are leadership programs, team sessions, innovation safaris and CSR consulting.
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Navya Disha

Navya Disha trust was started in the year 2005 working for the enlistment of poor families. Navya Disha strives to empower the poor by providing adequate information regarding their rights, roles and responsibilities towards education, health, environment facilities provided by the government and livelihood opportunities. Navya Disha helps the poor people to access the same in a justified way by ensuring gender equality at all levels and environmental sustainability.
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Grameen Financial Services

Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (GKFSPL) is a registered non-banking financial company actively engaged in the microfinance sector (NBFC-MFI). GKFSPL aims at the social and financial upliftment of the rural poor and low income households, particularly women, by providing them financial assistance and non-financial services. The financial services include microcredit and micro insurance, and non-financial services include training, education and awareness. GFSPL is inspired by the ideal of availing equal opportunities for, and inclusive development of the rural and urban poor.
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Capital First

Capital First Limited is a leading Indian financial institution, specializing in providing debt financing to MSMEs and Consumers in India. Capital First believes that the nation’s progress hinges on the growth and empowerment of its citizens – whether in rural or urban areas and thus supports programs in the field of Education, Health, Livelihoods & Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment. Know More



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