Sumalatha Found the Courage to Start Her Own Beauty Parlour and Tailoring Business


Sumalatha Found the Courage to Start Her Own Beauty Parlour and Tailoring Business

Sumalatha remembers how in her small house she would do eyebrows for her customers while her bedridden husband would lie behind a curtain. She stitched clothes from the house and was struggling to make ends meet.

Sumalatha is a skilled tailor and had undergone a training course to become a beautician. Though she had all the required skills, she did not have the courage to start her own business. Moreover, she was the sole earning member of the family as her husband met with an accident.

Sumalatha happened to attend Buzz India’s training delivered by Devaraj and the training became the spark that kindled her courage to start her own business. She asked herself, “I have all the necessary skills, why can I not start my own business”!

The thought itself was courageous because she did not have a single penny to start the business. She did her calculations and found that she needed Rs 15000 to rent a place and start the parlour. She decided to take a loan from her friend and took some money from her husband’s money. She mustered the courage to walk up to the building owner and said she will not be able to pay up the rent initially but will start paying a few months after the business starts. Seeing her determination, the building owner agreed.

Within just three months after attending the training, Sumalatha started her own beauty parlour and tailoring shop in her village, Ravindra Nagara. She created a business plan, started recording her income and expenditure and is now running the parlour successfully. She has also started training women from her village to become beauticians.

She’s an inspiration for all those who hesitate to take that first step towards entrepreneurship.

2 responses to “Sumalatha Found the Courage to Start Her Own Beauty Parlour and Tailoring Business”

  1. Gundappa Sundaresh says:

    I am Mr Sundraesh working in development sector for many many years, I saw your website Quite interesting focused on socio economic empowerment of rural women below poverty line I wonder if you could share about the training circullam, ,duration of the finance literacy training, criteria of selection of woman beneficiaries for these training’s and success rate I am intere3sted to hear form you

  2. Gundappa Sundaresh says:

    just missed link I coordinated grass root entrepreneurship training’s between NGo partners when worked for I Create Vishwas, regional center of I Create Inc, USA

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