When Five of Our Trained-Women Got Together to Run a Business

12 Feb 2019 in rural entrepreneurs,rural women,small businesses,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

There’s something really endearing about the women we meet during our training. When they learn something new, they want to share. They want other women like them to come up in life. Aruna Kumari, who was a simple homemaker, is today employing four other women. For Aruna, a homemaker, the

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Rajamma Questioned Herself and Scripted Her Prosperity

19 Dec 2018 in financial freedom,financial literacy,rural women,social change,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

“The weight of my financial troubles was sinking me and I was clueless about how to take my life forward”, shared Rajamma of Devanahalli, Korategere Taluk. Rajamma was working as a tailoring teacher in a local firm. She earned only a meager salary which and almost all of this went

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20 Women of Harippanapalaya Have Got Together to Learn Tailoring

13 Dec 2017 in rural skill development,rural women,skill training

By buzzadmin

In the village of Harippanapalaya, Shantamma’s courtyard has become a zone bustling with activity. Every day, twenty women gather here to learn tailoring and embroidery. After attending the Buzz India training, these women got bitten by the aspiration to create a better life for themselves. They wanted to learn something

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We Do Not Know How to Measure This Impact!

3 Jul 2017 in buzz gelathi,inspirational stories from rural india,rural women,rural women leaders,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

Pankajakshi is one of our Buzz Gelathis, or community leaders, from Tumkur. She was among 20 other women attended the workshop that we organized for Buzz Gelathis. The workshop was intended to help them become problem solvers in their own lives and in their communities. Unexpectedly, the workshop became a

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How We Demystified Demonetisation for Rural Women through a Cartoon

30 Jan 2017 in cartoon,demonetisation,rural women

By buzzadmin

When the Indian government decided to demonetise the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, a lot of the women we work with came to us asking several doubts. Many of these rural women do not have bank accounts. They got paid, they transacted and they saved in cash. Some of them

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Bhagyalakshmi Now Knows How to Repay Her Debt of Rs 15 Lakhs

5 Dec 2016 in financial literacy,rural development,rural indian women,rural women,women empowerment

By buzzadmin

Buzz India team was in Appasandra in Hoskote District last month and we trained over 30 women. After two days of training, one of the participants, Bhagyalakshmi walked up to us with a bright smile. She told us how the training has brought about not just an ordinary change in

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The Piggy Banks of Rampura

23 Jun 2016 in finance,financial literacy,karnataka,personal development,rural empowerment,rural women,rural women leaders,savings,Self-Shakti,self-sufficiency

By buzzadmin

Venkatlakshmamma with her piggy bank. It catches our eye as soon as we enter the anganwadi center (government-run day care) in Rampura - four piggy banks occupy pride of place on a small shelf on the wall. We’ve come to meet Venkatalakshmammma, the anganwadi teacher and her assistant Sowbhaghya, who’s

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Buzz Gelathi Prathima: What’s in a name? (Part III)

23 Jun 2016 in finance,financial literacy,karnataka,livelihoods,personal development,rural empowerment,rural women,Self-Shakti,self-sufficiency

By buzzadmin

Buzz Gelathi Prathima of Agrahara Hosahally In the dusty back roads of the Malur villages, the Buzz Gelathis shape a quiet revolution Agrahara Hosahally is not only a mouthful, it’s also a long way off from Malur. We’re going to meet Prathima, the Buzz Gelathi who had impressed the audience

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Buzz Gelathi Chandrakala: What’s in a name? (Part II)

23 Jun 2016 in education,financial literacy,karnataka,life skills,livelihoods,rural empowerment,rural women,savings,Self-Shakti,self-sufficiency

By buzzadmin

Buzz Gelathi Chandrakala of Abbenhalli. In the dusty back roads of the Malur villages, the Buzz Gelathis shape a quiet revolution Chandrakala welcomes us into her spacious, cool hall and spreads a large coir mat. We are in Abbenhalli. “Let me make some coffee,” she says shyly. It’s nearly 1:00

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Buzz Gelathi Asha: What’s in a name? (Part I)

23 Jun 2016 in education,financial literacy,karnataka,life skills,livelihoods,rural empowerment,rural women,savings,Self-Shakti,self-sufficiency,women

By buzzadmin

Buzz Gelathi Asha of Madivala, Malur. In the dusty back roads of the Malur villages, the Buzz Gelathis shape a quiet revolution Driving off the Malur main road, we enter the dusty back roads of a small hamlet, Madivala. We’re here to meet Asha, one of the Buzz Gelathis. Asha

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