What Padma Did on the First Day of Her Job Has Made Us a Better Team


What Padma Did on the First Day of Her Job Has Made Us a Better Team

13 Oct 2017 in Buzz Story

By buzzadmin

Probably the coldest response to the announcement and mobilisation efforts for our training at any village till date came from Gollarahatty. That too, the problem landed at the hands of a newbie trainer. Padma had attended trainings before of senior trainers and delivered trial trainings. But this day she was to start delivering training by herself. She was on her own. She reached Gollarahatty village, at the agreed location for the training on our training bus, only to find that absolutely no one turned up for the training.

She asked the contact person about the situation and got an indifferent answer that the women of the village were not interested in the training. Padma felt totally lost. She tried speaking to a woman of the village about the training but she had to face the ire of her husband – “My wife does not need any training, please go away”.

“Now I absolutely did not want to cancel. I felt that the women of this village need my training. They are not able to explore opportunities let alone come out of their houses on their own interest. If at least five women come for my training, there will be a difference to their lives. It is easy to cancel the training, but this change is important to them”, said Padma.

She then went around the village, knocked on doors, spoke about how the training can help them and used her best coercion skills. This effort of Padma must have melted hearts – one by one, she was able to gather 21 women under the training shed. Even the woman whose husband spoke badly to Padma, managed to convince her husband and come for the training. This is indeed an extraordinary achievement in a reluctant village.

Padma, though delayed in starting, delivered the training that she did not think will take place. At the end of the day, she had all these 21 women coming up to her and thanking her for the training. “I felt such a sense of satisfaction. It just felt completely worthwhile”, said Padma.

When Padma shared this experience with the team, everyone was in awe. No one had told Padma that she should knock on the doors of villagers and gather women for the training. It was an inner impulse, a motivation that came from knowing that her work is important. She didn’t give up easily or take the easy option of canceling the training. She didn’t use the excuse of being new also, a consideration that the team would obviously give her. But she chose to go the extra mile. Padma has definitely made us a better team.

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